Lecture Programme

date title speaker synopsis
20th April Red White & Blue: Three Colours in Art Alexandra Epps The symbolism, significance and spirituality of colour throughout the history of art. Experience the power of the red of the Tudors; the utopian white of Abstraction; the secret formula of Klein blue and Mondrian’s dynamic combination of all three
18th May Domes & Minarets: Mosques Of The Islamic World Professor James Allen We shall look at three of the most important forms, typified by the Friday Mosque in Cordova (now the Cathedral), the Mosque of Suleyman the Magnificent in Istanbul, and the Royal Mosque in Isfahan.
15th June Gypsies Tramps And Thieves: Working Classes In Art Linda Smith This lecture looks at ordinary working people: skilled and unskilled workers in both urban and agricultural environments, craftsmen, artisans, shopkeepers, domestic servants, entertainers, prostitutes, beggars, paupers, slaves.
20th July Food And Art Through The Ages, From Renaissance Sugar Sculpture To 3d Printing Tasha Marks Food and Art Through the Ages is a whistle-stop tour of the history of food as artistic medium; starting with 16th century sugar sculpture and venturing all the way up to 3D dessert printing and beyond.
21st September Vietnam: Ancient And Contemporary Artistic Heritage Denise Heywood

This lecture explores the architectural legacy of French colonisation in the cities of Hanoi and Saigon, and touches on a vibrant modern culture revived since the turbulent events of the 20th century. The lecture also looks back to the ancient ruins of the Cham kingdom in central Vietnam during the 2nd - 14th centuries. Finally it explores the art of the Nguyen dynasty at Hué, with its Imperial Palace and the emperors’ imperial tombs laid out along the banks of the evocatively named Perfumed River.
19th October The Secret Language Of Sacred Spaces: Religious Architecture Of The World Jon Cannon From Chartres cathedral to Angkor Wat, religion has been the inspiration for many of the greatest buildings of the world. Indeed, for much of human history, the story of architecture and the story of faith were synonymous. This lecture explains the architecture of major faith traditions, revealing how it is shaped by their rituals and beliefs bringing fresh insights into some of the most remarkable buildings on the planet.
16th November The Other Side: Counter Memorials - Germany’s Post WW2 Culture Of Apology And Atonement Angela Findlay On Remembrance Sunday each year many of us gather at our local war memorials to honour those who have sacrificed but how does a nation of former persecutors mourn its victims? Instead of commemorating their own losses German artists looked to creating art forms that would respond to questions of apology and atonement.
15th February The Fairer Sex: women In Ancient Egyptian Art Lucia Gahlin Ancient Egyptian society was male-dominated with the pharaoh at the apex of the social pyramid, but some of the most stunning images in ancient Egyptian art are of women. This lecture attempts to redress the balance that is usually skewed towards the male pharaoh, priests and officials of ancient Egypt
15th March English Caricature: From Hogarth To Punch Andrew Davies Exuberant, topical, lively - and just a little rude - English caricature has always depicted human beings as they were rather than as they would like to be.